About Us


Aventura World goes the extra mile! Known for our exemplary client service, destination expertise and meticulously planned tour and travel packages, these are just a few of the key attributes that set Aventura World apart from others and keeps travelers exploring the world with us time and time again. Featuring our exclusive 4-star "international awareness programs" our teamís insight into each destination offers to your group and members of the local community spectacular travel opportunities enriched by the splendors of the world. Let our professional, experienced staff handle the details of your next group travel program with Aventura World, a valued leader in the US group travel marketplace since 1972.

Due to constant feedback from our valued travelers, we are pleased to announce that our philosophy of travel is evolving to encompass "the experience of travel". No longer is travel just about seeing monuments and the local sites. Itís all about traveling to spectacular places at a relaxed pace, discovery, education, and inspiring interactions.

Oh, we will still visit the sights and sounds of the region, but now we will also meet locals and have people-to-people interactions to understand their life, culture, social aspects, and economy. We will plan unusual, off-the-beaten-track events such as truffle hunting with a family in Croatia, discovering a thermal greenhouse in Iceland powered by volcanic steam and tasting soup made from their greenhouse tomatoes, dropping in at a village pub in Ireland to meet the locals over a Guinness, or visiting a family olive plantation in Sicily to learn about their production and sample their product.

Join us to experience the wonders of the world. Aventura World Ė Itís all about the experience.