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Our Parent Company...

Established in 1972, Sakkara Group International enjoys more than 45 time-honored years of success in

Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism – equating to more than four decades of experience, insight, skills, and

knowledge that continue to drive our positive growth. Since we opened our first tour operation business

more than four decades ago, the company has grown strategically with destination management services,

hotels, a cruise fleet, tour operations and more, while always staying true to our corporate philosophy of emphasizing

exceptional customer service and destination expertise in our offering of a wide range of quality travel and tourism

related products. Our ever-growing global presence gives us the unique experience and edge to continue diversifying to

present a world of amazing travel opportunities. We currently maintain worldwide hubs in the heart of five of the most

dynamic, historical and culturally rich cities in the world: New York, London, Paris, Cairo & Delhi. Our multilingual and

highly motivated staff of 2000 employees are known for their unparalleled destination knowledge and experience in

Hospitality and Travel. Together, we are all dedicated to serving our clientele across the globe and working together to

ensure their utmost satisfaction is met. It is all of these distinctive attributes and a fervent passion for travel that have

helped us maintain our position as one of the leading hospitality and tourism groups in the world…and this is just the


Look for great new things to come from Sakkara Group International and Aventura World as we continue our path of

growth in culturally rich, unique programs.

Wishing you the happiest of travel always!

Aventura World is the Official Travel Partner of the

Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives